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  • MLS athletes with fifth metatarsal fractures have high rate of return to sport

    Major League Soccer athletes who sustain a sports-related fifth metatarsal fracture return to sport at a high rate with low risk for refracture, according to a recent report.

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  • 8 of the best running shoes for shin splints 2021

    Shin splints cause pain at the front of the lower leg, which may occur during or after exercise. Runners with shin splints should opt for shoes that adequately cushion and support their feet.

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  • Achilles injuries skyrocket as America returns to normal

    During June of 2021, as many Americans started spending more time outside, physicians at Michigan Medicine diagnosed more Achilles ruptures than they did in all of 2020.

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  • Ankle sprains while running: Symptoms and treatment

    An ankle sprain is a very common injury; more than 25,000 people sprain their ankle each day. You can sprain your ankle playing sports or walking on unstable ground, but it can be especially troublesome if you feel that sudden twist or roll of the ankle while you’re running. As you train for fall marathon season, keep your ankles healthy with guidance from foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons.

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  • Physical therapy for a high ankle sprain

    A high ankle sprain injury can cause a significant amount of pain and can dramatically impact your ability to stand, walk, or exercise. This is because this type of sprain causes symptoms like stiffness, soreness, and instability in your lower leg.

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